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Get Health Care

Health insurance coverage is very important. People who have it have been found to be healthier, more likely to receive preventative health care regularly, and do not wait to get medical care when they get sick.

However, many people remain uninsured. In NYC alone, 1.2 million people under the age of 65 are uninsured. About half of these uninsured New Yorkers are eligible to apply for and get free or low-cost public health insurance coverage.

Go to this page to find out about the public health insurance programs that exist, what they cover, and who is eligible to apply.

Access Health Care

Not understanding how to use health insurance and managed care results in underutilization of medical services.  This can lead to untreated health conditions, medical debt, and gaps in insurance coverage. See our pages Access Health Care and Using Your Insurance to learn more and to find out about people's rights and responsibilities when accessing health care.