Resolving Medical Bills: Overcoming Grief and a Pile of Bills

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John Olin, Suffolk County

After John Olin’s beloved wife passed away, he faced stacks of paperwork that he had ignored while she was sick.  He was overwhelmed with grief and concern.  Why was he getting duplicate bills?  Which payment went with which claim?  How would he deal with the collection agencies? 

A CHA Advocate from the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council (NSHC) did not hesitate to help and even went on a home visit to help sort through the documents.  She organized the bills, made phone calls to providers, figured out what was going on, and explained each step so that John could understand the insurance system better in the future.  She eventually determined that out of approximately $3,600 in bills, John was responsible for only $250. 

“Even my lawyer couldn't figure out this mess!  I called so many places for help and it wasn't until I found CHA that I got what I needed.  I can't believe the headway you made.  Thank you.” –John Olin, Suffolk County

“Because of CHA I was able to sort through medical bills and advocate on Mr. Olin’s behalf, so he could focus on grieving and self-care.” –Stacy Villagran, Senior Director of Health Insurance Programs, Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council