Gladys Puglla: "CHA Never Gave Up"

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Gladys Puglla was in a meeting when she collapsed without warning. She was immediately rushed to one hospital, and then transferred to another for treatment by specialists. The 50-year-old city employee eventually recovered from what was revealed to have been a stroke, and felt lucky. Then the bills arrived—over $130,000 in hospital and doctor fees, more than three times her annual salary. “That was scary,” she said. It turned out that the bills were so high because Gladys had received care from doctors that were not part of her insurance plan at the second hospital. Overwhelmed and in need of help, she reached out to CHA advocates at Make the Road New York. After countless emails, phone calls, and letters, CHA helped Gladys negotiate her bills down to about $8,000.

“CHA never gave up,” says Gladys. "It’s like a big rock on your back suddenly falls off. I was blessed with another chance at life and then blessed with these people helping me. CHA is fighting for justice.”