Enrolling in coverage: A Go-To Resource for New Yorkers When Life Changes Happen

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Marica Green, Manhattan

Marcia first came to the Community Service Society (CSS) when she lost her job.  The premium for COBRA coverage was too expensive, and she became confused and intimidated by the vast array of choices online.  A health insurance Navigator explained her insurance options simply and clearly and helped her enroll in Medicaid.

As Marcia neared the age of 65, she turned to CSS again.  She needed help enrolling in Medicare and making sure her prescriptions would be covered. This time, she met with CHA Advocate who educated her about the discount programs available for Medicare recipients, like her, whose income is too high for Medicaid but qualify for help paying for Medicare’s premium and out-of-pocket expenses. The CHA Advocate helped Marcia find a plan that covered her prescription drugs and her providers and remained available to answer her other questions during the transition to her new plan.

“I have a genetic condition so I had to make sure the new plan would cover the medication I need. My CHA Advocate helped so much, from picking the right plan to figuring out the medications.”