CHA helps Joclyn with surprise out-of-network bills

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While recovering from a catastrophic illness that nearly took her life, Joclyn found herself in a medical billing nightmare. Although treated in an "in-network" hospital, to her surprise the surgeons who operated on her were "out-of-network," and billed her upwards of $70,000.  Community Health Advocates intervened and saved her financial life.  Working closely with the NYS Department of Financial Services and other stakeholders, CHA brought to life stories of surprise medical bills from out-of-network providers. In 2014, the legislature enacted the best surprise billing and out-of-network law in the country.

"Now that New Yorkers are protected by law from such billing practices, I take great joy in knowing that sharing my story with CHA and the media helped shape this sensical public policy and will prevent other people from experiencing this same kind of billing nightmare."  

– Joclyn, New York County