CHA helps Jocelyn reinstate her son's Child Health Plus coverage

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Jocelyn arrived at the hospital to get emergency care for her 4 year old son Jeremy and was told that his health insurance was inactive. Jeremy had to see a doctor and get oxygen, so Jocelyn had no choice but to pay for it out of pocket. He received the care he needed. Worried about the bills that would arrive and Jeremy’s coverage status, Jocelyn contacted the CHA advocate at Southern Adirondack Independent Living Center.  The CHA advocate found that Jeremy’s Child Health Plus (CHP) was discontinued erroneously and helped reinstate his coverage and to cover the cost of his care.

“Without CHA, I would have given up or have waited too long to do something because I was so overwhelmed by the process. Hearing that there was hope and being able to talk it through with someone was probably the most valuable thing.”

Jocelyn B., mother of Jeremy, Washington County