CHA helps Jerome save money on prescriptions

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At age 66, Jerome S was new to Medicare and did not realize that he would not have prescription drug coverage through Medicare Parts A and B alone. Jerome has 13 prescriptions, and his only options were to either pay out-of-pocket or to stand in line at Bellevue Hospital to drop off his prescriptions and wait 72 hours to pick up his medicine. After hearing there might be better options available, Jerome decided to call Community Health Advocates.

A CHA Advocate at the Community Service Society of New York worked with Jerome to identify his best coverage option. He found that Jerome was eligible for EPIC and the Medicare Savings Program (MSP), programs that help reduce Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket costs. The CHA Advocate helped Jerome successfully apply to both programs, as well as enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan. As a result, Jerome got prescription drug coverage through Part D, financial assistance through EPIC, and reduced his Medicare Part B premium by $105/month through the MSP.

Thanks to CHA, Jerome no longer has $105 deducted from his Social Security check every month, and he was even reimbursed for the payments he had made for the first five months of the year. Additionally, Jerome can now easily fill his prescriptions at a pharmacy around the corner from his home, saving him time and money.