CHA helps Jean reduce her hospital bills

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Jean* works for a small business that belongs to the North Country Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce, a Community Health Advocate Network partner agency.  The Chamber helps small employers and their employees with health insurance and health care access problems. When she started getting bills after a one-week hospitalization, Jean turned to her local CHA advocate at the Chamber for help.  Jean had not met her annual deductible yet. The advocate explained that she might qualify for discounts on her bills under the hospital financial assistance law, helped her complete an application, and got her bills significantly reduced.

 In cases like this, CHA offers small businesses and their employees the kind of health insurance information and assistance that Human Resources Departments provide for large businesses.

 “I met with my CHA advocate about my hospital bill.  I received a 95% discount a week later!” 

– Jean, Jefferson County


*Client’s name has been changed to protect information.